MetaShare makes collaboration easier

In MetaShare you can create different workspaces for different purposes, like how you set up different Teams in Microsoft Teams. Each workspace could be configured differently with metadata and document management settings based on your way of working.

  • Instantly get an overview of all the sites in Office 365 that you have access to.
  • Easily create and manage existing sites, without involving the IT staff.
  • Add metadata to sites. This will help all users find sites in your organization. Sites could be of any type; Office 365 Group, SharePoint Team Site, MetaShare workspace or any other SharePoint site.
  • Each site can be assigned designated roles with different access privileges for owners, members and visitors.
MetaShare Workspace portal

MetaShare helps us to share information with external parties.

Maria Alkbrant, AFA Fastigheter

Overview of all your workspaces in Office 365

The start page in MetaShare presents all the sites that the specific user has access to. This is useful in Office 365 when multiple sites are created for different needs. MetaShare displays these sites for easier control and faster access to them.