Customer References

Experience from our MetaShare customers

MetaShare provides structure and ease of use for us.

Eva Blomgren, PTK

MetaShare gives us user-friendly and accessible document management and fits well into our IT strategy.

Per Hjertén, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

MetaShare was built according to our specification and we can modify the structure just as we want it.

Esbjörn Johansson, Malmö Mönsterkort AB

MetaShare always meets customer needs when developing their products.

Mikael Johansson, Rabbalshede Kraft AB

MetaShare helps us to share information with external parties.

Maria Alkbrant, AFA Fastigheter

MetaShare is the key to order and find out.

Maria Alkbrant, AFA Fastigheter

MetaShare enables us to get the best out of SharePoint.

Maria Alkbrant, AFA Fastigheter

As a management consulting company MetaShare has simplified our process of making documents and information more searchable and accessible throughout our organization.

Jan Wengholt, Stratecute Group

With MetaShare we have finally achieved our goal of getting a homogenous information structure across all our documents. It has definitely increased the productivity of our organization.

Ulrika Thorildsson, HEBA Fastighet

MetaShare has helped us to reduce our risks and to gain control over all the documents that our healthcare personnel need in their daily work.

Johan Emilsson, SilverLife

MetaShare has put an end to multiple versions of the same document.

Anna Centerdal, Naturvetarna

MetaShare has enabled us to leverage the power of SharePoint for document management and collaboration and tagging which has eased document finding and search.

Lumumba Juma, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)

MetaShare brings structure and helps us in our work with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Sylvia Nylin, Svenska Möten

MetaShare has empowered our employees by enabling them to easily access all of our documents from anywhere, at any time.

Robin Eklöw, Fastighetssnabben AB

MetaShare helps us gain control over important and unimportant documents, thereby automatically minimizing our document volume.

Katarina Zingmark, Finansförbundet