Benefits of MetaShare

Why to buy MetaShare

Most organizations that store their documents in standard SharePoint use it mainly as a file storage with limited document management capabilities. Documents tend to get scattered in multiple locations and users create folders to group similar documents, the same way that they always have done on legacy file servers. Implementing SharePoint as a document management solution is complex and expensive and the user interface for the end-users is not very user-friendly. MetaShare resolves this for you.

MetaShare is a packaged solution for document management that:

  1. Significantly lowers the implementation cost in comparison to implementing standard SharePoint.
  2. MetaShare will increase your end-users’ productivity, simplify their document management tasks and increase the quality of your documents – this thanks to a smart and intuitive interface and unique approach to document management.
  3. MetaShare fully automates SharePoint in an intelligent way – easier to govern and manage your organization’s document management functionality, enforce a homogeneous tagging structure across your SharePoint sites and automate repetitive document flows.