The MetaShare Story

What does the future of collaboration look like? How do we utilize the almost endless possibilities that arise with today’s rapid digitalization? How do we handle the problems that appear with the continuous creation and vast amounts of data? How do we simplify document management? These were the questions that our team encountered in the initial stage that eventually led to the creation of MetaShare®.

The story of MetaShare started about ten years ago, with an assignment for one of Sweden’s largest banks. It was managing an overwhelming amount of over 4000 different projects and, due to the strict regulations for bank systems, it wasn’t allowed to use external platforms for document management and collaboration.

In other words, they were in dire need of a secluded platform that guaranteed compliance and helped facilitate the large amount of project-related documents.

Based on these preferences, we developed a tailor-made service for the bank that provided several benefits. By creating workspaces with specific permission access, it allowed for sharing documents and still fulfil security regulations and optimal compliance. By investing in a solid document management solution, the bank got a structure for and gained control of the documents in over 4000 projects. That’s how the vision of MetaShare was born.

Since then, we’ve gained years of experience from the consulting industry. A few years ago, we identified an extensive gap in the market of cloud subscription solutions. We realized that the existing filing alternatives often are more difficult to use than they have to be. We were determined to offer the most user-friendly, effective, and solid document management solution ever made. We developed MetaShare.

The future of collaboration is in the cloud and MetaShare is here to make that easier. Document management should never be hard.

The founders

Carl Mårn – The inventor

Our product manager Carl Mårn has been the conceptual developer of MetaShare since the start. He is the founder of the MetaShare logic and innovative structure.

Today he is the passionate mind responsible for continuously developing and adding new solutions for collaboration, user-friendly solutions for small and large companies, as well as clear client benefits of MetaShare.

Carl is a leading spokesperson regarding the future of document management.

Per Rolder

Per Rolder – The visionary

Our CEO, Per Rolder, is the visionary strategist, who is focusing on transforming the MetaShare vision into a business, employee, and company benefits perspective. Per has a solid background in the IT industry, specializing in sales, marketing, and translating technically advanced issues and programs into what is useful, beneficial, and profitable for businesses and organizations.

Per is our leading spokesperson in the visionary and business perspective of IT and document management.

Carl, Per and our team of developers, help us keep MetaShare easy to buy, easy to activate, and above all, easy to use. The vision is optimal simplicity.