Reliability of documents in Office 365

In order to gain control over your document in Office 365 you need to:

  • Increase the reliability of documents by eliminating duplicate documents and to make sure that documents are reliable and correct.
  • Assure that employees find the correct document to use.

A folder structure on a file server or standard Office 365 using Teams or SharePoint has a hard time solving these challenges. Duplicates of the same document are often saved in different folders – which one is the original? Employees think they are working on the same document but in reality, they work on different documents. Which document is correct, and which is the latest version?

MetaShare helps you resolve this:

  • Using metadata rather than folders helps you minimize document duplicates.
  • Making documents with high confidentiality only available to authorized employees.
  • Making documents traceable and reliable, with the use of document versioning.
  • Forcing users to fill in mandatory metadata fields when uploading/creating documents, ensuring that the documents comply to your document management policy (in standard SharePoint and Teams, users can create and upload documents without filling in any metadata, even if they are mandatory).

MetaShare helps us gain control over important and unimportant documents, thereby automatically minimizing our document volume.

Katarina Zingmark, Finansf├Ârbundet