Move your file server – this is the way

Your documents can easily be moved/migrated from a file server to MetaShare in Office 365. These are some of the benefits, if you do it the right way:

  1. All the migrated documents will maintain their existing file properties (filename, created, modified, created by & modified by).
  2. An option is to maintain any unique permissions that were set on folders and/or documents on the file server.
  3. Another option is to only migrate documents that are of a certain age, documents that are older than that, and thereby not migrated, can probably be thrown away.
  4. Your users will be able to access the archived documents with the same folder structure as you had on the file server.
  5. Your users can manage the archived documents in the same way as they manage their active documents.
  6. The migrated documents will be indexed by SharePoint’s search engine making it easy for users to search for them.
  7. Once the documents are in MetaShare you can easier set retention policies on them, with the ambition to only keep documents that have a value to your organization.
  8. Once you have migrated the documents, you can finally decommission your file server.

The process is very straightforward and
in short it consists of these steps:

  1. Set up a MetaShare workspace configuration for your archived documents.
  2. Create one or more archive workspaces, based on the archive workspace configuration.
  3. Migrate your documents to these archive workspaces using SharePoint Migration Tool.
  4. An option is to make the archived workspaces read-only but permitting users to move important documents into the active workspaces where your new metadata structure has been applied.

More detailed information about how you migrate your documents to MetaShare can be found on this MetaShare admin manual page.