Folders replaced by metadata

When you replace folder names with one or several metadata tags in SharePoint / Office 365 you are starting to use SharePoint in a smarter way.

MetaShare makes use of key functionalities in SharePoint and:

  • Adds unique and specific functionality for simplified document management.
  • Presents the documents in a user-friendly user interface, making it extremely easy to find documents.
  • Automates SharePoint, applies a homogeneous metadata structure and document management settings in Office 365.

This is how MetaShare works – watch the video

View demo

MetaShare uses metadata in document filters and columns in the document views. It also uses metadata to categorize workspaces. The actual tags are stored as terms in SharePoint’s term store catalog.

If needed you can also however combine the metadata filters with traditional document folders.

MetaShare has enabled us to leverage the power of SharePoint for document management and collaboration and tagging which has eased document finding and search.

Lumumba Juma, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)