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On this page you will find content that gives you different insights about document management as a topic, but also what to think about and how to do if you want to introduce a document management system in Microsoft Office 365, Teams, SharePoint and MetaShare.

Document management in Office 365

SharePoint in Office 365 has features for document management but needs to be configured and is not an out-of-the-box solution for document management. When using Office 365, Office Groups, Teams, SharePoint or MetaShare, you need to set up some basic rules for sites and metadata.

Why MetaShare when you already have SharePoint?

SharePoint in Office 365 is a powerful tool, but it is not pre-configured for document management. The outcome when using basic SharePoint is likely that it may be even be more disorganized than it was from the beginning. MetaShare uses SharePoint as engine by using all of SharePoint’s powerful qualities while adding several extra features to enhance and simplify SharePoint’s ponderous interface.

How to make SharePoint work

Even though SharePoint is a very flexible and powerful system, it is also infamously known for requiring vast knowledge about its inner mechanisms to work as expected. To make your document management system I SharePoint work as good as possible, you must avoid the worst pitfalls. All present SharePoint problems you struggle with, are maybe already solved.

How apply metadata automatically?

Metadata is extremely useful but may be tiresome to enter manually. But there are simpler and automated methods to apply it. There are SharePoint add-on features that applies metadata automatically and prefill metadata for the user.

Example of a document management policy

Do you need an example of how to write a policy for document management in Office 365. The purpose of this policy is to clearly provide guidelines for which tools and storage locations to use when you create, edit, share, publish or archive documents. Use this document to establish your principles for how to work with documents in your organization.