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Managers’ views on document management *

  • Just over 7 out of 10 think that document management is quite, or very important for the organization.
  • Only 3 out of 10 think that the organization’s document management works very well.
  • The most important thing is that employees find documents quickly and easily . The second most important thing is that sensitive information does not go wrong.
  • When asked what would make document management more prioritized, most answer A smoother way of working. This is followed by increased productivity and reduced business risks (for example in the form of lost documents).
  • 1 in 3 believe that they would save time and money on more efficient document management.

The 3 main problems are (in order)

  1. Old documents create clutter
  2. Documents are saved incorrectly and are difficult to find
  3. It is difficult to keep track of the latest version of documents

* The survey was conducted by YouGov in Nov 2021 among a statistically significant number of people with different managerial positions.

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