From folder structure to metadata structure

When you replace your folders with metadata or several metadata tags – magic will happen, and you will be able to utilize more of the features in of Office 365. Read more about how to utilize Office 365 when implementing metadata tags.

With a unique structure of document tags, it’s easy to find, work with and reuse documents. Your employees will be empowered when they find their documents.

MetaShare’s user-friendly and filter-based navigation makes it easier to find your documents, many times you don’t even have to search. Documents in MetaShare use metadata, which eliminate the old way of browsing through large amounts of folders.

It allows for several ways to intuitively find your documents, but also to efficiently navigate across all documents in your organization. Metadata become your search filters. By clicking on the metadata that you have assigned to your documents, you create filters that rapidly and automatically help you find the documents you need. If needed you can also however combine the metadata filters with traditional document folders.

Automated file structure

By replacing folders with metadata, you will:

  • Quickly find documents through the simplicity of the filter-choices.
  • Make the search engine in Office 365/SharePoint more powerful, as you also will be able to use metadata as refiners to narrow down your search results.
  • Reduce the number of duplicate documents, one original with versioning rather than duplicates.
  • Tag important documents with appropriate tags so that they can easily be identified.
  • Enable different degrees of automation, for example automatic deletion, archiving and the creation of different workflows.

MetaShare will automate this for you

MetaShare applies homogeneous metadata structures and document management settings in Office 365. You will have full control managing your documents in Office 365.

  • Workspaces do not need to be configured manually, since MetaShare homogeneously applies document settings, document filters and document views across all workspaces of a certain configuration.
  • It’s easy to tag documents, as they are auto-tagged, based on the users’ context. When uploading or creating your documents, the unique tagging system makes sure that your documents get clearly structured right away.
  • Users are forced to fill in mandatory metadata fields when uploading/creating documents, ensuring that the documents comply to your document management policy (in standard SharePoint and Teams, users can create and upload documents without filling in any metadata, even if they are mandatory).
  • It’s easy to create documents using MetaShare’s unique “suggested templates” feature, where metadata also is applied to documents when they are created.

Design your own metadata structure

MetaShare is very flexible and built to fit your organization’s established document structure and vocabulary, components that build up your metadata structure. Switching to MetaShare is never hard since the users will recognize their current document structure and be able to gradually adopt all the new possibilities.

MetaShare was built according to our specification and we can modify the structure just as we want it.

Esbjörn Johansson, Malmö Mönsterkort AB