MetaShare vs. SharePoint

MetaShare does not replace SharePoint. MetaShare uses SharePoint’s powerful engine and adds features that enhance and simplify SharePoint’s interface.

Smart and intuitive interface

  • Easier to use – increased productivity.
  • Faster – fewer clicks to perform various actions.

Correct metadata tagging

  • Forces documents to follow rules through tags.
  • Easier filtering and navigation.
  • Automatic tagging of documents based on selected filters.
  • Free text search can be combined with document filtering.
  • Documents and collaboration surfaces are marked with the same method.

Smart document flows

  • Automatic reminders, such as review at review date.
  • Automatic access to the approval function.

Automated provisioning

  • Creates unified collaborations, SharePoint sites and Teams.
  • Means no development costs.
  • Requires no system administrator.
  • Updates settings in one place – changes in metadata, views and other settings are applied to all collaboration surfaces and documents.

Low implementation cost

  • MetaShare is an “out-of-the-box” solution with no need for development. Quick and easy implementation.