Document templates in Microsoft Office

Many companies have challenges with employees not using the latest document templates. Instead, old templates are used that do not follow the company’s graphic profile and that probably lack the latest editorial content.

We create smart functional Microsoft Office templates and make sure they are handled in MetaShare’s document management in a smart way.

  • All document templates have a uniform look and feel.
  • The document templates are stored in a template library in MetaShare, one place to update and maintain all templates.
  • When creating a document from a document template, MetaShare’s unique “suggested templates” feature will make it easier for you to select the right template, based on how the document is tagged.
  • We add metadata fields from MetaShare to the document templates so that the documents dynamically present information about the document in: The header or footer, for example: document type, confidentiality, document owner, document date, etc.
  • Inside the actual document, for example: company, end date, etc.
  • From MetaShare, users can easily create new documents based on these templates.
  • The same templates can also be accessed directly from Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

As a management consulting company MetaShare has simplified our process of making documents and information more searchable and accessible throughout our organization.

Jan Wengholt, Stratecute Group