Document automation

Our vision is to automate most of the typical use cases required for traditional document management.

MetaShare’s collaborative document automation features

These functions enable the end-users to work more efficiently with documents in their daily work.

Here are some of the features:

  1. In order to comply with internal approval routines, documents such as agreements and policies can easily be submitted for approval.
  2. In order to simplify the document reviewal process, MetaShare has functions that make it easy for any user to submit documents for reviewal and gather comments from coworkers.
  3. In order to enforce users to use the latest document templates, MetaShare will suggest the right document templates to the users, based on how the users tag the documents that they are creating.
  4. In order to simplify the process when several parties need to sign documents such as agreements, they can easily be sent for electronic signatures using 3rd party solutions such as, Scrive, DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

MetaShare’s automated document administrative tasks

These functions make it possible for your organization to be comply with regulations and other internal routines.

Here are some of the features:

  1. To prevent dead-lines to pass and miss renegotiating important agreements, MetaShare will monitor important documents so that they can be reviewed before their due dates.
  2. In order to ensure document’s availability, accuracy and confidentiality, MetaShare will show/send notifications when documents are checked out, if they missing mandatory tags, if they have a pending approval/reviewal or if their due dates have passed.
  3. In order to increase the quality of your organizations information and to comply to regulations such as GDPR, MetaShare can ensure that documents are automatically deleted or archived, based on business rules.